What is Badger Voters?

Badger Voters is a website established by the State of Wisconsin Elections Commission to provide a simple and automated way for the public to request voter data lists.

What data is available?

We provide two basic types of data as standard requests: voter records and absentee records.

A voter record includes a voter’s name, address, and any contact information they provided when they were registered, as well as all of the electoral districts that voter is in, what elections they voted in, and whether they voted at the polls or absentee.

An absentee record includes the requester’s name, address and any contact information they provided with the absentee request, as well as information about the request and the ballot such as when the request was received by the clerk, when the ballot was issued, whether it was received and whether it was counted or disqualified and why.

Other types of information are available, such as polling place records, but are considered custom requests and additional fees may apply.

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What data is not available?

The WEC will never provide date of birth information (including age or age range), driver license numbers or social security numbers. Additionally, the WEC will never provide information regarding a confidential elector as defined in Wis. Stats. § 6.47.

The WEC does not have any information regarding party preference, demographics, or how a voter actually voted.

Can I be notified if the information I requested has changed?

There is a subscription option for absentee data. Select the subscription option, and then select how often you would like to receive updates. If the data you requested changes in that time period, you will be notified and provided a chance to purchase the updated list and only pay for the new records.

How much does it cost?

The base fee for a request is $25. Additionally, there is a fee of $5 for every thousand records returned by the request, rounded up to a thousand if less than one thousand, or to the nearest thousand if more. The fee is capped at $12,500. If the request would cost more than that amount, it will instead cost $12,500.

Custom requests may incur an additional charge of $75 per half hour of development time required to complete the request. Requests requiring less than fifteen minutes will not be charged this fee.

For the subscription, you will have to pay the full base fee for the initial request, plus a $25 fee for the subscription. However, updates to that subscription will only cost $5 for every thousand new records. There is no base fee for updates, and no charge for records already purchased.

How do I get my data removed from the list?

There is no provision in law for removing a voter’s data from the public record. A voter may request their record be inactivated which will prevent it from appearing in standard lists, but a requester may request inactive records at any time. If your record is inactivated, you will need to reregister before you can vote in any election.

What is a confidential elector?

As provided by Wis. Stats. § 6.47, certain victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault and stalking may request confidential status. A confidential voter’s record will not appear on any data requests, and their address will not appear in the poll book. They will be assigned a unique identifying number instead.

Can I find out how someone voted?

No. Ballot information is absolutely confidential, and once a ballot is placed into a ballot box or tabulation machine, a ballot cannot be tied back to a voter.

I am an academic/member of the press/candidate/government employee, can I get a free list?

There is no provision in law for data to be provided without charge except to Wisconsin election officials in their official capacity, law enforcement agencies for law enforcement purposes, subunits of the state government of another state for official purposes, or the Electronic Registration Information Center, Inc. for the purpose of maintaining the official registration list.

Can I use the list for commercial purposes?

Wisconsin law does not place any restrictions on the use of data obtained through this website.

Tips to using Badger Voters

Badger Voters provides self-service to voter data which is downloadable in a .csv or Microsoft Excel file.

  • Most information can be generated without incurring a custom fee or a wait time.
      - When a County is populated; the data can be drilled down further by supervisory and municipality.
      - When a municipality is entered; then aldermanic, first class school, and ward selections become available.
  • Your computer must allow pop-ups to make a payment.
  • After payment has been processed; log back in to your Badger Voters account to access the new data download link.

How is my file transmitted?

After successful payment and a fresh log-in to Badger Voters; a download button will appear for you to access your data as a .csv or Microsoft Excel file. The data can be downloaded multiple times in either format.

For downloads of very large files: an FTP can be specified in your user account or we can exchange through the State's Dropbox folder.

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